Partners in Crime

IMG_1136 Emmett the Hound. Be honest. He’s the one you’re most interested in anyway.

Likes: Running of any sort, but with particular fondness for being chased, all fruit, cat poop, firetruck sirens and his bed.

Does not care for: swimming, baths, or really water of any kind, rolling over (will do it for a treat and a lot of sass), men in uniform and campfire smoke.



IMG_0145Mr. B (aka Brian):  painter, printmaker, people wrangler, retail store manager.

Likes: Burgers, fruity candy, really all candy, organization, graphic novels, video games, IPA’s, repurposing stuff, unexpected design.

Disdains: peanut butter, running of any sort (including being chased), artichokes, loud people and entitled motorists.


IMG_1084Sarah: writer, word magician, MFA student, educator and non-profit professional with a graduate degree in Rural Sociology and Community Development. In other words, a life-long commitment to passion over pennies.

Swoons for: dry red wine, IPA’s, peanut butter, arugula, red nail polish, running (slowly), the perfect ink-pen, college ruled paper.

Cannot Abide: six-leggeds, IKEA, things en masse, eggplant, spitting, the word “should”, boundaries, the reply all function and conference rooms.


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