Let Freedom Ring!

I know how lucky I am to have this guy legally attached to me til death do us part, but I just feel like the world should know how lucky it is to have a Mr. B in it. I’ve watched (and, granted, I am a biased third party) over the last several years as he navigated running a store, closing a store, and then melding two competitors into one functioning, efficient machine. He’s got these really befuddlingly great skills and talents that I can’t wait to see funnel into something new.

  • Ask not what Brian can do for Brian: If you want to get Brian to do anything, you tell him how it will benefit you/the team/the world. Conversely, a sure way to get him to dig in his heels is to tell him that he should do something for his now benefit (we have similar issues with the word should). Maybe it’s the epitome of being a team player, or sacrificing yourself for the good of the whole. It’s not always easy to be married to when the whole is getting more my other half, but I admire and respect it.
  • Tetris Master: Show Brian a bunch of parts and he’ll put it together into a well-oiled system. I mean that both literally and figuratively. Tell him that you need A, B,C…K done in X amount of time and he will make it happen. Show him a bunch of random shit and he’ll build you an, I don’t know, box or something (see how we’re different?). He’s your logistics guy. When we were moving across the country four years ago, I looked at the pile of boxes and furniture and bicycles that had to fit into a teensy weeny moving container and thought “there is no way in hell” and started mentally getting rid of my stuff. Brian rubbed his hands together manically and went to work. And it all fit. It was like watching the Tetris master go to work.
  • Stage Manager with the Heart of Gold: He cares so much for other people (see above). But he’s not one to make a show of it. You might not even know how much he cares or how much he’s bent over backwards for you, because he doesn’t need you to know. He just wants the people he values to be cared for.
  • What? Listen? Weird. I read an article once about how introverts (NOT extraverts as you may guess) are often the best sales people. Why? Because they actually listen. So many times extraverts are juggling a bajillion people they are involved with that they aren’t getting beneath the surface of their client’s desires or motivations. An introvert (particularly a relationship driven one) is by nature less multitasking and far more focused on individuals and deeper connections. Therefore, they often read or intuit what clients want or need before the client does. I don’t know if Brian is a great salesman, but I do know that he has all the makings of a one–he’s invested, he’s intuitive and he actually listens.
  • The Guffaw: I worked with Mr. B for a short bit. That’s how we met. It was scandalous. He was my boss and we had to keep our relationship a secret (thats not exactly true but it sounds way better). It was very Parks and Rec (except I was not running a campaign and he was not a city manager, anyway, whatever). BUT! The point is that the very first thing I noticed about him was not his dashing good looks (though he was sporting a faux hawk at the time) or his charming wit (he actually rarely spoke to me) but that freakin’ laugh. If you know him, you know what I’m talking about. It’s crazy loud, half-shout half cackle, full belly and if you don’t start laughing when you hear it THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

I love this guy. I cannot wait to see how he takes all these skills and puts them to use toward a mission that is his–ours–instead of someone else’s. This is just the beginning and there’s so much room to grow and expand, but I’m on the edge of my seat.

Congratulations, Mr. B. You made it. 


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