We’ve got an itinerary, folks!

In just two weeks I’ll be hitting the road for my second MFA residency in Port Townsend. Can I take a minute to marvel at the fact that I’m already about to start my second of four semesters? What? This has flown by like no other education experience has–seems like a good sign.

Anywho. Mr. B and Emmers will finish putting the stuff in storage, pack up Foxy Roxy and hit the road on July 17. And so it begins!

  • July 17-July 30 in beautiful Bellingham WA (well, actually Everson, but it’s close enough)
  • August 1-15 TBD (Vancouver? Whistler? Who knows).
  • August 15-31 Omak, WA
  • September 1-3 Kalaloch Beach camping (my very favorite summer activity)
  • September 4-9 TBD, but likely back in Seattle for a spell before heading southward
  • September 10-14 Central Oregon
  • September 14-18 Eastern Oregon, Southern Idaho??? en route to Montana
  • September 18-October 18 Missoula, MT
  • October 18-30 Cheyenne, Denver, Minneapolis, wherever the wind takes us
  • October 31-November 30 Denmark, WI

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